An Introduction



Is that the alarm already? No, that’s not the alarm that’s just a baby. Wait for it... Ah That’s OUR baby! Oh my goodness I have a baby (you would think after four months it would have sunk in). Who in their right mind would let me take a baby home? Don’t they know I’m the girl who sleeps through her alarm? Let me just see if I dreamed all of this. As I tip toe  into his room ( like he’s not already using his jedi mind powers to know I’m coming to his rescue) Im bleery eyed and still unsure of what’s going on . I peer into the stinky crib and I quickly realize two things;  1. This is not a dream I am a mother of the most amazing creature on the planet and 2. By the look of that handsome smile we were not going back to bed anytime soon. 

It’s in these moments I find solice knowing that a few towns over a nearly two year old will soon be announcing that she “is awake”. Her mother (my dearest friend) will then also be awake with the idea of sleeping-in being only a distant memory. Maybe I’m evil or maybe misery loves company, mostly I think it’s comforting to know I’m not alone on this crazy train they call motherhood.

We have known each other more then half of our lives and during that time our friendship has gone through many transformations. We’ve gone months without talking, sometimes on purpose and others out of sheer lack of time. We’ve been through relationships, relocations, and vehicles together (I traded boyfriends like she traded cars). Now, two girls who used to eat Fritos and Mountain Dew for lunch are in charge of raising little humans. No pressure.

The saying “Knowledge is power” is cliché but true and couldn’t be any more relevant then when you become a parent. We share what we learn about motherhood, fitness,  finances, relationships, recipes and everything in between in hopes of making life easier. Never judging each others choices and only encouraging and uplifting  one another. This season of life is turning out to be the the most challenging and exciting one yet. Join us as we rejoice in our triumphs and try to handle life’s setbacks with grace.


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