Worry is a waste

Good Morning Everyone, Jena here… I’m the other author of this blog! You may know me from my other blog, life is beachy keen, or from Facebook/Instagram!


Yesterday morning I woke up to some frustrating news about my beach body business – I could definitely have let this ruin my day, but instead I decided to take a few minutes to sit in my room and read a Women’s Devotional that I’ve had sitting around for a while now. It’s a calendar one, but since I didn’t start in January, so I just flipped to any page..

The topic was Worry…. HOW APPROPRIATE.. Worry is a waste.

When we worry, we rotate our minds around & around a problem and come up with no answers.

Worry starts with our thoughts, but it affects our moods and even our physical bodies. Worry places stress on your entire system and causes a lot of physical ailments, such as headaches, tension in muscles & stomach problems.

NO WONDER 80% of chronic worries have a poor self image!

Does this hold true for you? I’m a chronic worrier, and I have said MANY times how much I struggle with my own body image!

I’m going to try and focus on NOT WORRYING so much – I mean, it’s true, I spend A LOT of time thinking about things that I absolutely can’t change. I should focus more on the things I can change, and let go of everything else.

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