Nuts About Almonds Milk!

I seriously am addicted to making my own almond milk. Mostly because I love taking something as simple as Almonds and turning them into a versatile ingredient! I also love this milk because it is a higher quality then you can get from the grocery store. My sister loves how fragrant and rich the taste of this milk is in comparison to her normal brand and I agree.

You will only need 2 things which I LOVE because I love anything that has no preservatives and is jam packed with healthy nutrients.

Turn This


Into This


Yes I wash and reuse milk containers and Yes I know that’s weird haha.


Almond Milk

1 Cup of Almonds (Raw shelled) make sure they are RAW and not roasted or else you will have something completely different on your hands.

We get these almonds from our local farmers market and can purchase a cup for around $1.50 this will make a half gallon of creamy milk.

Water ( I love to get more water in my diet whenever possible!)

First you need to rinse your almonds and set them in a bowl. fill the bowl with water until the almonds are completely covered. The almonds are going to soak up some of the water so make sure the are completely covered with the water. Now you have to let them sit overnight to let the magic happen. I usually just cover them and leave them on the counter until the morning. The next day uncover your almonds and rinse them. They will be a little mushy and the skins of some of them will be coming off that’s a good thing, they are perfect. Take these wet almonds and throw them in the food processer and chop until they have almost formed a paste. Then put this mush into a nut bag. ( I have used a coffee filter, a French press and just a strainer before and they all worked) Take a half a gallon of cool water and set the nut bag in the water. You will immediately see your water begin to change into almond milk. let sit in the water for at least a half an hour then remove and squeeze all of the remaining liquid out of the nut bag. Refrigerate!

You can do so many things with this milk. If you let the chopped up nuts sit in a smaller amount of water for a longer amount of time you will end up with an extremely rich and thick milk which I like to use for coffee creamer. You can flavor and sweeten your milk with vanilla extract, cocoa powder, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg or just leave it in its natural state which I guarantee you will love!

Now Enjoy the best almond milk you have ever had!


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