I’m Getting Dehydrated Over Here

I am beyond amazed at the the amount of things I have dehydrated! I used to dry fruit and herbs in the oven which took forever and made the whole house HOT and then I got a dehydrator and my world changed, let me start this life changing story from the beginning.

I had been looking for a  dehydrator for months so I could try my hand at making healthier snacks for my family. It was a want not a necessity and I refused to pay much money for it so I asked friends and scoured every garage sale/thrift store for a glimpse of one that would hopefully work. Then one day while shopping with my mom at the Goodwill we found it.  With a sticker on it that said 2.99 I weighed out the options of it possibly not working or the ability to find trays that would fit (the trays were M.I.A) which made me pause before purchase. I texted the Boyfriend and asked what I should do and he encouraged me to buy it. He also found the trays for me at a store nearby!


Once we decided to purchase this gadget to fulfill my dreams of being a healthy candy maker I could not wait to get home and give it a try. I  was unsure of what I was going to make but I knew I would dehydrate some apples to start with. These are a fond memory from my childhood and my grandparents and cousins who live in Wisconsin. My grandmother had hundreds of bags of dehydrated apples that she had made throughout the years and we would spend summers munching on them all day while following bear tracks and swimming in Lake Superior.  So let me tell you what items you can successfully dehydrate.






Behind my KithenAid stand mixer this is the most used appliance in our house now!

Now let me explain it in terms that will make anybody happy. I used to buy a SMALL bag of apples a few bananas and oranges and usually we wouldn’t eat them within the week. I would end up making banana bread out of the bananas and applesauce out of the apples, don’t get me wrong we love our veggies but it was just hard to find a sweet snack item that we would both like and I cant make brownies everyday.

This is what we purchase twice a week now just for dehydrated snacks and baby food. We now eat 2 to 3 large bags of apples a week at least 15 bananas, 4 mangoes, and 12 kiwis all dehydrated into fun chewy snacks. I feel so blessed to have found this tool before my son is old enough to eat candy. I want him to have homemade snacks with ingredients that we approve of and this is just one way we will be able to do that without any of those scary red, yellow and blue dyes.


The list of things I have already dehydrated is to long to even type but I will tell you vegetables, herbs, and fruit alike are all amazing after they have spent a little or a lot of time in the dehydrator!




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